The Lion Cottage is very proud of its “pioneer” origins and, thanks to our care and attention and that of our guests, the complex is in excellent health today.
Here are some simple suggestions to help us care for the Lion Cottage.


The water in the house comes from two sources.

Well water:
Because of the proximity to the river and the mangroves, this naturally pristine water has a slightly dark color It is suitable for all normal domestic uses and is perfect for washing: it leaves the skin and hair very soft, but it is not recommended for cooking or washing white clothes.

Rain water:
The Lion Cottage collects rainwater that is stored in special tanks. We use this water for cooking and for washing clothes. Since this water is seasonal and depends on the weather conditions, it is important to use it without unnecessary waste.


We are trying to preserve the Mata Atlantica vegetation. The fragile equilibrium of this natural habitat merits our respect for the park and its inhabitants.

We invite guests to walk in the park (preferably using closed shoes or boots) to observe the plants and the rich vegetation of bromeliads, palms, ferns and the incredibly diverse species of trees that the Mata Atlantica gives us here in Santo André-Bahia.

We are replanting many native species in bare areas and we ask you to remember never to cut branches or flowers or disturb insects or small animals that live here. Please be aware that in order not to damage the vegetation along the sides of the road, driving is limited to the access road. No off-road driving is allowed.

Many surprises will reward you during your walk; from the lazy vision of big blue butterflies with their slow, haphazard flight to glimpses of tiny hummingbirds that whiz up next to us.


When electricity came to Santo André Bahia, we decided not to use overhead power lines to avoid the use of support poles. The electric line is underground and the dimensions of the cables are calculated for conscientious electric consumption. To avoid overloading, don’t use more than one electrical appliance with a heavy consumption of energy at the same time. (ex: 1 electric shower, 1 hairdryer, etc.)

We ask guests to pay attention and not to leave the internal lights on when they leave the house. In addition to consuming electricity unnecessarily, a power failure or sudden surge in voltage can cause electrical problems when no one is around.

The fuse box, with all circuit breakers, is located near the kitchen entrance, next to refrigerator.
The supply voltage is 220V.


The Lion Cottage is entirely built of wood and is therefore flammable. To avoid the risk of fire, guests are asked to blow out all candles when they go to sleep or leave the premises and pay close attention when cooking with the gas burners.

We ask you to kindly not hang from the roof beams, nor change the position of the hammocks.


Domestic waste:
Santo André does not yet separate waste or offer waste recycling. However, in some periods of the year, it is possible to recycle paper, plastic and glass in the nearby town of Santo Antonio. We separate these materials and invite guests to do the same by bringing clean paper, plastic and glass (without traces of dirt or food) to the caretaker.

“Wet” waste:
The Lion Cottage collects all organic waste and, for that purpose, guests have a small trash can at their disposal next to the sink which is then used for compost.


The Lion Cottage has a maximum capacity of 6 people. The “Studio Uno” (still under completion) can accommodate two, with a bathroom and a mini-bar.

The entire house, the size of the common spaces and the services provided have been designed for the total comfort and safety of this number of guests.

We ask you not to exceed this limit.