It’s late afternoon as you leave the beach at Santo André in the calm waters protected by the coral reef at the mouth of the river and slowly work your way upriver by boat, passing along a coast covered with beautiful mangroves. (Native fishermen have boats that can carry small groups.)

Wave goodbye to the village and “Paraiso Island” and, as you pass the port city of Santa Cruz Cabrália, observe the parrots flying high in the sky or try catching the fish that jump out of the water as your boat steams upstream.

Immerse yourself in the suggestive silence of the sunset and watch the golden reflections across the river, listen to the swallows’ whirring and the sound of dozens of parrots pairing as they return from the forest to spend the night sheltered in the mangroves at the mouth of the river.

Wait for the moon to rise in the sky. Turn off the engine and savor the evening birdsong as you float peacefully through nature and the silence of the approaching night’s rest.

The mouth of the João da Tiba river, where fresh water mingles with the salty sea, is a paradise for ornithologists and for birdwatching enthusiasts, who can see and photograph dozens of rare waterfowl.

These moments of unparalleled poetry continue a timeless cycle, connecting us with the magical mystery of creation.